Meet SaltDogs

SaltDogs was created on the sandy shores of Cape Cod, MA after a long love of dogs became an obsession. When I was a little girl I would save up all of my money just to buy dog treats and dog toys, but the only issue was at that time my family did not own a dog. Fast forward to now, even though a lot has changed in my life my love for dogs has only grown stronger. 

My husband and I do not consider ourselves just any kind of pet owners, we are dog parents. Our Miniature Australian Shepherds, Theodore and Baxter are the apples of our eyes. If you were to ask anyone who knows us, they will tell you we are crazy about our dogs and every aspect of their lives. On a typical summer weekend, you’ll find the four of us at the local beaches and marshes which is what gave me inspiration for the name SaltDogs.

SaltDogs was born based on a need for quality, cute dog accessories without breaking the bank. I was tired of spending money on products that wouldn’t hold up during our day to day lives so I started to create my own. I was constantly asked where I bought the bow ties I put on Theodore and Baxter. When I told people I made them myself they would ask me, “How much?!” SaltDogs was then born and has been living out our mission of providing high quality, cute products that pet parents feel confident introducing into their pets lives.

With love from me and my SaltDogs!